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Covering New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Tri-State Paranormal Research (TSPR) Consists of a team of dedicated investigators who have many years of experience in the study and research of the paranormal.  Our investigations are conducted primarily in the NJ, NY and PA areas.  TSPR is self-funded organization, therefore we never charge a fee.  We take what we do seriously, and are here to assist people who are experiencing unusual, frightening, or seemingly unexplainable events.  When we are invited into your home or business for the purpose of an investigation, you can expect to meet a professional team who will respect both your property and privacy, as well as understand the fact that you may be frightened and confused.  We will document and analyze all of our findings during our investigation and attempt to determine the true nature of the activity.  TSPR hopes that through scientific research and a common sense approach, we can achieve a better understanding of this phenomena.​

Active house in Metuchen, NJ.  Notice the figure (considered the "Holy Grail" of evidence) on the right climbing the stairs.  Our client (sitting to the left) was not aware of its presence at the time. 

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