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Fort Mifflin - Philadelphia, PA
November 24, 2007

TSPR Investigators: Sue Norrell, Sharon Hensen, Terry Lieb

History of Fort Mifflin:

Fort Mifflin, known as the “Fort that saved America, has a history dating back to the 1770’s.  It was built by the British in 1771 and is the site of the largest bombardment the North American continent had ever witnessed. In the fall of 1777 George Washington’s army was defeated by British forces led by General William Howe who's 20,000 troops moved in and occupied Philadelphia.    Howe wanted to crush the retreating colonial army and end the revolution.   He also needed supplies which were on over 200 British ships at the mouth of the Delaware River.    A small contingent of troops manned Ft Mifflin which was an unfinished British fort.  They needed to delay the arrival of the British ships.  Time was of the essence for Howe.  He had to get his supply ships up the river before the river began to freeze or his army would not be able to pursue Washington.   In November 1777 the siege of Fort Mifflin began and only lasted a little over a week.    The British did take the Fort but in the time it took to prepare for the battle itself, Washington was able to make his way to Valley Forge.  The Colonial Army was safely out of the reach of the British and the river began to freeze which blocked Howe’s supplies.   The 400 men at Fort Mifflin held off the 200 ships and 2000 troops long enough to cover Washington’s retreat.

During the Civil War the Fort was used a prison for both Confederate and Union troops as well as other prisoners.   The Fort was active through the Korean War and was closed down in the early 1960’s.   Now the fort has been returned to what it looked like during the Civil War period and is open to the public for tours.

Summation of Investigation:

On November 24, 2007, Investigators Sue, Sharon and Terry attended a "Sleeping with the Ghosts" event at Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia along with about 50 others.  It was an uneventful night as far witnessing anything paranormal first hand, however upon reviewing their evidence, they were able to capture a few things.....

EVP Events:

  • While everyone was respectful of one another, the amount of people made it difficult to do EVP work at times.  It was also difficult because airplanes fly directly over the fort at an extremely low altitude when landing at Philadelphia Airport.  Anyone who has investigated there can relate.... However, Sue, Terry and Sharon heard and caught this strange noise while in Casemate #5 at about 1:21am.   They were able to rule out airplanes because landing flights had stopped hours before.   Click here.

  • While in Casement #5, Investigator Sue recorded this response when asking about the smell of cigar smoke.  No...

  • While in Elizabeth's room, this voice and strange noise was captured in response to Sue's question.  Yes.....

Photos - Click on Photos to Enlarge

Terry took this awesome picture.  We have had professional photographers look at this picture and they have not been able to explain it.  We can't explain it either.

This random picture was taken outside the Sally Fort. 

Here is the same picture in grey scale.