Sure, renovating a bathroom is really a thrilling task. However, before you start looking for the modernized bathtub design or latest tile, there are a few less exciting things you should think about for your project to turn out just the way you want it to be. Since bathroom remodeling could be overwhelming, costly, and time-consuming, we have listed below an easy checklist to guarantee that your project will keep on track and to have a smooth renovation project.

Functionality and design

Initially, you have to consider how you want your bathroom to look. There are a lot of factors you need to think about such as faucets, tubs, showers, vanities, tile choices, paint color, and a lot more. It could be overwhelming at first so you need to do some research about this first. You can begin to incorporate different elements that you want and come up with your preferred final bathroom design. Aside from that, your design must work well together with functionality. Hence, you have to think about who’ll be using the bathroom and how.

Work sequence

In terms of renovating a bathroom, you can actually save yourself from several mistakes and cleanup time by finishing the task in a particular working sequence. Regardless if you’re simply repainting or demolishing drywall, you always need to begin at the top of the room and work your way down. This sequence will be beneficial to stop damaging your newly bought parts.


A lot of people expect that they only need a couple of days to complete their small bathroom renovation project or it would take lesser time compared to doing a major project. However, this isn’t always the case. Depending on how many materials you’ll be altering in your bathroom, your chosen contractor still needs to undergo all the similar steps that involve a larger bathroom. But, planning does not only refer to the duration of the renovating process, however, it also refers to the particular intermediate steps like purchasing and ordering cabinets, custom-built vanity, fixtures, or tiles to guarantee that they can be delivered by the time your contractor needs such items. Moreover, the planning time is important for those who have a single bathroom in their home since they’ll need to compromise and come up with a new arrangements where to use the toilet or take a shower when the bathroom is being ripped apart.


When you still do not know, you need to come up with an idea about how much you would like to spend on your project to renovate your bathroom. Setting a budget can help assist you in making decision regarding the things you want to involve throughout your remodeling project. As soon as you have figured out what you can subtracted and spend the allocated budget for labor, you will get a clearer idea about what you can spend on your fixtures, tiles, and extras. For any remodeling projects you want, contact Clear Lake TX remodeling services for more details.